Monday, 18 February 2013


How to prepare for task 1?

  • Become familiar with graph types.
  • Do practice exercises describing graph.
  • Become familiar with the ways to:-express percentages, number& statistical data, trends and make comparison between data.
  • Practice language that: -describe how something works,makes reference to the graphs/figures and explaining sequencing in process.

Tips on how to do task 1

*Spend 5 min reading the graph/ figures.
*Make sure you understand the axes.
*Make sure you follow the lines on graph.
*Focus on the key information.
*If 2 graphs, compare.
*Think about the time period- tenses!!
*Vary your vocabulary.
*Organize your information clearly.
*Write neatly.

* Count the number of words. (150-200 words)

shows- exhibit- depicts- displays
considerably- substantially
According- Based on
fairly- moderately- reasonably
dramatically- severely
similar- same
cases- occurrences- incidents 
Ranges- varies
An average- A mean
In conclusion- lastly

》》》MUET Writing Task 2

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