Monday, 28 January 2013

The word "failure" should never be used in education

The word failure should never be used in education.

1. There must be different definitions of intelligence and different indicators for measuring achievements and standards. It is unrealistic to expect students of different learning abilities to conform to standardised measures.

2. The impact of being labelled a failure may backfire or have a stigmatising effect that is hard to overcome.
Students might be psychologically scarred. This may retard or slow down his or her future development ( academically, emotionally and socially).

The word failure can be used in education.

1, Being able to recognise and live through a situation when one has failed when one has failed will make the person tougher.

2. Failure prepares the person for the real world.

3. When people fail, it could be due to other reasons other than academic ability. These reasons can range from lack of preparation to poor language skills to a case of underestimating the demands of examination.

4. When the reasons for failure has isolated, it is easier for people to take remedial/ corrective measures to right the situation.
-Getting the person to acknowledge that his actions cause the situation will force him or her to take responsibility for such future situations.

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