Friday, 11 January 2013

Preserving the environment is more important than economic development

Preserving the environment is more important than economic development. Do you agree?

Agree: Preserving the environment is more important.


 1. Environment: levels of pollution are high; resources will be irreplaceable if depletion rates are not lowered.
-If the current levels of pollution are left unchecked, the planet may not be able to sustain life in a few generations' time.
-Economic development and affluence would be valueless then.
-The loss of clean air and water and the depletion of sources such as food and fuel, together with drastic climate changes will make survival very difficult, if not impossible.

2. Preservation of historical sites: Loss of culture and history.
-If sites and buildings of historical significance are sacrificed for the sake of new developments, part of the history and heritage of place will be LOST, and such loss is irreversible.
- People gradually lose their sense of history, identity and belonging as their city looks more and more like any other city which is bent on development and modernizing.

3. Demolishing old buildings may eventually cost society more than embarking on a new development
- Preserving old buildings can create more employment and increase local household income more than the building of new developments.
- The employment created can be of longer term benefits as related industries such as heritage tourism can flourish.

4.Disregarding environmental preservation affects economic growth
-How much society can sustain economic growth actually bears a co-relation to environmental preservation and prudence in the use of resources.
Environmental degradation can result in high costs to economic growth.

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