Wednesday, 2 January 2013

1Malaysia Book Vouchers (BB1M 2013)

The RM250 Book Voucher 2013 for students will be officially distributed this February 2013 !!!

The voucher's value have been increased from the RM200 previously to the current RM250 under Budget 2013.

The RM260 Million allocation for 1 Malaysia Book Voucher 2013 will benefit all Malaysian Students in Tertiary Education (Local Public & Private University / Colleges / Institute), Matriculation as well as Form 6 Students. 

This initiative will allow the 1.3 million higher education students to get better access to books & stationery that would help ease their burden throughout studies.

Bear in mind that the book vouchers cannot be exchanged with cash / exchanged with other unrelated goods with third parties. Action will be taken towards any individual that abuse the usage of BB1M.

# Expected Distribution Date / Month of BB1M: February 2013

# Expected Book Stores that accept 1 Malaysia Book Vouchers (BB1M):
Borders Bookstore / Popular Bookstore / BookXcess / MPH Bookstore / Kinokuniya

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